OYTC represents Authentic, Transparent, and Inclusive Beauty.

OYTC is a Vancouver-based, LGBTQ2+-owned and operated company committed to delivering ethical, cruelty-free beauty products that inspire inclusion around the globe.

Our mission is to make beauty and makeup approachable for everyone, with a strong vision to create a world where all individuals are represented in the beauty industry.

We strongly believe that everyone should feel beautiful in their own unique skin, and our products are designed with this philosophy in mind. With a boundless passion for impacting the world, we strive to deliver products that reflect our values of diversity, inclusivity, and social responsibility.

We want you to feel like part of the OYTC family from the start of your cosmetic journey.


Courtnei Lee is a trans activist, influencer and entrepreneur born and raised in Vancouver, BC.

As a young transwoman, she found empowerment in the world of cosmetics and beauty. Here she could experiment and express herself in ways that felt true to her identity, which honours the woman she has always been.

In 2019 she realized that even after 3 years into her transition, she noticed a massive lack of accessible trans representation and content in the world of beauty.

Recognizing an opportunity to serve her community during a time where e-commerce was booming, Courtnei launched her first brand, CL Essentials and it quickly gained traction due to her authentic and open storytelling. She has a vision to create products with purpose and educational content to fill this void and empower others in the LGBTQ2+ community.

In 2022, CL Essentials rebranded as OYT Cosmetics; what started as a passion for cosmetics turned into a movement for better representation with her community in mind. Courtnei has since been featured in Women in Business, Success Magazine, and more for her work in the beauty industry.

Knowing first-hand how transformative self-expression can be, Courtnei believes beauty is about giving people the power to express who they are authentically and fearlessly.

“Our goal at OYTC is to ensure that no one gets left behind. Our mission is to not just create an inclusive space to deliver high-end beauty products; but to encourage inclusive behaviours and safe environments everywhere we go. We want to break down barriers and open up space for conversations that bring us closer to a more connected and compassionate world.” - Courtnei Lee